Is your battery damaged? it discharges quickly? Do you need something stronger for your bike?

Write to us. We build, repair and diagnose batteries for E-bike bikes.

We will check your battery and if it's only possible, we will fix it and send it to you.

It will work like a new one and if you need something stronger then send us information such as:

1. Battery voltage (V): 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 62V, 74V ...

2. Battery capacity (Ah)

3. Battery discharge current (A)

4. Shape and dimensions of the battery.

then we will build it for you.

For the construction we use cells of companies such as (SAMSUNG, SANYO, LG, PANASONIC). The strongest of all is LG MJ1 with a capacity of 3500mah.


Paisley, Scotland

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